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Ya know… I made an interesting observation today. I watched a 20/20 episode of a little 12 year old girl who was stabbed by her best friend and another girl 19 times.. The two girls who tried to kill their friend said that they were approached by a demonic figure who said they had to kill their friend to prove their “worthiness of his friendship.”

First off, thats horrible and freakin creepy.
I started to notice something as the program went on… The girl was stabbed in the heart, and they missed her coronary artery by a 10th of a millimeter. The father said his little girl is alive for a “purpose.” he mentioned the purpose could be to show us to treat people nicely… It could be to show us to pay more attention to what our kids are getting in to.

The parents thanked the man who stumbled upon their daughter by accident with their lives.

They thanked the surgeon and the ambulance drivers and the many people who wrote them letters.

Let me first say, that the events of this show are horrific. I can only imagine being in their shoes, and i respect the fact that the parents do not hate the world or the attackers. I applaud the little girl’s fortitude and refusing to give up. What happened to the little girl is a tragedy and i would never intend to take light of that.

That being said, when people are pushed to think and express the deep thoughts and feelings about their life, you get to see into a part of their minds that they rarely search and assess.

I started to see (not just with the program i watched) often float back and forth between atheism, agnosticism, and christianity at their leisure… At least subconsciously.

To say we have a purpose is to say that we are created with that purpose. Also saying we have a creator that GIVES us purpose if we have a purpose. Everyone wants a purpose right? So we step into christianity for a moment. Either christianity, other specific religions, or agnosticism. Either way, to believe you have a purpose is anti-atheism in whole.

Then we step right back into almost pure agnosticism for most people when you ask what they think their purpose is. And they try to find something worth while to tell you as a response. Usually a humanitarian response.

And then immediately after the answer to that simple question, going back to living life “however we see fit.” living in total atheism, despite whether you believe it or not.

I see men thank workers just doing their job and people who stumble on a good deed on total accident. You are forever grateful to so many people who never intended to assist you. They just “happened to be there” and obliged. These people deserve a “Thank you” the exact same way we thank the delivery man who drops off a check. And then we slam the door on his face. Who deserves the real thanks? The man who sent the package! The one who PLANNED the message, wrote the message, and PAID for the the delivery guy to take it to you.

These people who do kind things for us… Even life saving things are often simply delivery men. Passing on something we were freely given from another who was freely given. We have no plan or agenda and no grand scheme. But we see one play out before our eyes… Always seeing the delivery man and never seeing the sender of the package.

God is the sender of the packages. He can use a guy riding on a blocked off trail, a dog, a homeless lady, a fighter, parent, or anything with or without life to bless us.

If you are still with me, you might ask the argumentative question of “If God sends the good things my way.. Then he must send the bad too. Why does he do that?”

I must warn you that you just jumped from atheism to christianity (just to bash it) and are preparing to jump back out before you hear the answer you really dont want to hear… Because agnostic living is easy and fun. The answer to your question, if your question is legitimate, is this- Romans 8:28- And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called to his good purpose.

Dont pop into the thought of God long enough to contradict him, ask an arguementative question, and then not believe the answer you recieve because it seems too good to be true.

If you werent accustomed to the ways of this world and i explained the relationship of a mother and child to you… I guarentee it would sound too good to be true. And if you didnt have a mother who loved you, you still probably wouldnt believe me even if you saw it… But a mother suffers the birth of her child. Provides, teaches, protects, loves, guides, supports, cleans, feeds, and everything else you can think of. If i ask the question “why would any woman EVER do this for another person?” your answer will be the same as God’s response to us. “Because i love you. I loved you even before you were born. Thats why i created you. Because i loved you even before you existed.”

A mother loves a child before the child loves the mother. And even when the child hates the mother… The mother still loves the child.

Dont ask me why God would love you and say “that is ridiculous” when i say “because you are his son.” He provides for you and protects you even when you never notice his hand… While you go through life thanking the delivery man for passing something on. God gave them money and put it in their heart to give it to you. So they do as they are instructed and designed to do just the same way they satisfy their stomachs at the dinner table.

I went through a lot of my life thinking that God’s love was too ridiculous and too good to be true. I was taken to a very low place where i had nothing else to believe in. God was the last person i wanted to come to. He was my last resort… Because i felt the possibilities of his love for me were so farfetched. It wasnt his existence that i truly doubted… But it was his love for me that i counted as impossible.

He proved it to me when i finally turned my eyes to him. When i stopped doubting and arguing and i said “i dont know how you can love me, God… But you say you do… And people say you do… I will stop running away and trying to disprove your love for me. I dont know how you can do this… But if you can show me your love in a way that i’ll understand, i’ll accept you. God if you show yourself to me… I will acknowledge your existence and creation of my life. I will accept the fact that i was created for a purpose and that you are the one who designed it.”

My friend, i have good news. He has shown you His love for you in your life. I have friends who have had guns placed to their heads and the trigger pulled… And not a round fired… While a round was in the chamber. Do you know the odds of a misfire? I am a shooter and it happens about once every 1500 rounds. This has happened to two of my good friends… One has accepted the creators grace, and the other has refused it. If a gun has been placed to your head and the trigger pulled and the firing pin is struck on the primer.. Do you realize you have a 1 in 1500 chance of living? The way i see it is if you are an atheist you are one of 1500 in statistics. Do you realize what i just said? If you are an atheist and this situation has happened to you and you are alive then you have a 1499/1500 chance of being either dead or wrong about what you think your “purpose” is. The way i see it, it takes more faith to be an atheist after at ive seen in my life.

If you can put your faith in a 1 in 1500 chance then i know you have faith. We all put our faith in something so dont tell me for a second thay you dont have any! I assure you when you look into your life you will see God’s fingerprints all over your life and the simple fact that you are alive and well.

And if thats still not enough for you, Jesus paid the ultimate price for you my friend. You were a dead man. That round should have fired. That drink should have killed you. You shouldnt have survived. You shouldnt have the life you do. He gave his life to pay for yours… For no other reason that He loves you because you are His son. And His love is not too good to be true. His sacrifice was enough to pay for your life and i know you see the evidence of it when you look into your life. He has sat in the side lines for a long time while you thank the delivery man and live as if you were not created for a purpose… Doing whatever you see fit.

If God has been speaking to you… Dont just shrug it off like youve done before. I dont know how many times He is going to get the chance to pull at your heart before your time is up. If nothing else… You deserve to meet the man behind all the blessings. You deserve the meet the creator. You need to know His love, and trust me… There is no drug, woman, drink, amount of money, or level of popularity that can compare to it.

If you would like to get to know the creator, and the God who loved you before you were born… I want you to send me a message. Jesus is knocking at your hearts’ door and all you have to do is let Him in. He says “if you confess me before man i will confess you before My Father, but if you deny me before men i will deny you before My Father”

Send me a message and let me walk you through personally inviting Jesus into your heart. Let me pray for you, and be a brother for you. Jesus is waiting

Please read.

Theres no way i could ever explain in full detail everything that has happened and is still happening over these past 8 months but i can at least say all of it is good lol.

I havent been posting as much as i used to, and that is majorly due to the fact that there was a big elephant in the room, in “what am i gonna do next?” with fighting.

Well we finally got something solidified last weekend as i went to go see the doctor who fixed a previous hand problem i had with master skill. His name is Dr Vahey in Vegas. He is a genius. My right hand has been taking quite the beating over these last ten years, and most intrusively, and the matter at hand, (no pun intended) is the fact that for the past year my hand will enter into a very consistant and throbbing pain after punching in any way.

This is a completely separate issue from my previous surgery. A few years ago Dr Vahey fixed my right middle knuckle to perfect working condition and that is still working perfectly. The spot that is now affecting me is near my wrist in a whole new place.

Basically, i have a bone spur and heavy arthritis in a horrible spot in my hand near my wrist, and every time i punch my bones slam into that bone spur and arthritis damaging themselves.

In exactly one week i will be having surgery in Las Vegas from Dr Vahey once again, but this time to fix this new issue. There’s no one i would rather trust with this surgery and i know i am in good hands! It will take me around 3 months before i can punch again.

I know with the wonderful woman God has given me in Rachel Esteller that we’ll be able to manage the post operation season of life, just like we did for the previous hand surgery.

The UFC has taken great medical care of me and I’d like to thank them for giving me the best hand surgeon money can buy, and helping me with my flights out to see Dr Vahey whenever needed.

This sounds bad, but it is actually good. I have been living with this for almost a year now and it has been a burden to my life. I am excited to get it fixed and give me body some much needed repair work.

In the mean time, i have been working on a couple things in my own life :) for one, me and Rachel are going to be getting married in November, which is awesome of course!

I have still been hacking away at an invention i have been working on for over 2 years …. but i cant tell you what it is ;)

I am going to be teaching kickboxing and jiu jitsu at Esteller Martial Arts in San Leandro CA on Mondays and Wednesdays.

And last but not least, i am opening my first official commercial business, and it couldn’t be in better timing! Most of you know i live to woodwork, and I’ve actually been woodworking as long as i have been fighting. I’ve done everything from standing structures, to 12 foot crosses, to custom beds with hidden gun compartments all over them, and I’m just now finishing up with a totally decked out set of kitchen cabinets for a home in San Francisco. (Which you will see some pictures of very soon) lol. The same attention to detail and perfectionist work i do in fighting, is what i do in woodworking, and i love it! Anyways… I am opening my first custom cabinet and woodworks business in Modesto right next to my dad’s shop with my brother Justin Smitley and friend John Dominguez.

Anyways , i gotta go! But thats whats going on with me lol. I’m excited tk show everyone pictures all along the way!

Phew. WOW… I have just been inspired so heavily. I met an amazing man today. A walking bible story. A man who God has worked through and taught so much. Not a fake Christian leader, but an authentic man of God who lives more than he preaches.

I heard stories of a million dollar building being bought with a hundred dollars because God told him too lol.

I heard amazing feats of “imbalance” and courage for The Lord. Living on a limb and allowing yourself to walk into darkness and allowing the light to shine.

Amazing stories of faith and humility from this man, and most of all…

The story of “3 dead guys…” The story of 3 men who have never met from different areas of the world who were declared medically DEAD. One was dead for minutes, the other was dead for hours, and the other was dead for days. Absolutely incredible testimonies of men who had the same stories but different.

I dont wanna go into detail about this on here but I am telling you… One of the most incredible things i have ever heard in my life… One thing i will say is that their minds did not go blank and disappear when they died. They were not christians, and it was not dream like. They were THERE… As real as I am sitting and writing to you was as real as it gets. Amazing incredible testimonies.

Wow. Guys… If this peaks your curiosity like it did mine. If you wonder what happens when you die… From the REAL stories of non christians who have died and brought back to life… Send me a message. These words are not meant for everyone. But if you have the courage to ask me about it… I’ll personally take the time to write it out and tell you exactly what happened. And what was said.

I will never forget to words i heard today. And this was just one of the incredible things i heard. Things like this are more valuable than gold and you will most likely never be givin the opportunity again to ask and hear real accounts from non-religious ppl who have died and brought back to life to tell about it.

I dont even know what to say.. But my mind is blown in so many ways right now. No theories and proofs and all that crap. 3 people who have been there and done that who have no connection to religion or pre meditated expectations of what they think will happen. All with the same but different stories.

Absolutely incredible. If you are as hungry for this knowledge that is more valuable than gold, and you may likely never be givin this opportunity again… Find my Facebook fanpage at Michael “Mayday” McDonald. Send me a message. I’d love to tell you what I have heard today from the man who organized and made this event happen. Incredible.

I dare you…

Ok. I have to tell you guys about this. Its amazing… Just stick with me for a second while i paint the picture thats going on.

First off, Something i don’t care about and have never really cared about is the whole “evidence” and “proof” side of life… And i’m not saying just with things that i choose lol. If someone tells me that my body is made up of tons of tiny atoms, then i say “ok, whatever” lol. i just don’t care what my body is made of because it doesn’t change anything… Whether i am made of little circles or little squares, i am still as i am, and what really matters is today. This is the mindset I’ve always had….

When someone tells me that i can find some kind of circumfrence with pi, or some crap like that… i really don’t care. Cause it doesn’t effect me. If i need to use pi, then maybe i would care lol. I choose to live my life by priority and experience. Whether my cells are made of 26 chromosomes or 206, i don’t really care lol. It can be interesting to learn, but that is about it’s extent to me…

When ppl are sitting here debating about whether God exists or stuff like that, my approach has always been “why sit here and argue with a 3rd party about whether or not God exists when if He does exist… all i have to do is seek Him, and see if He proves it to me…” Just as when i have a question about my brother, i do not go to another person and ask and debate on their opinions of my brother… I’ll just go straight to the source and forget all the bull crap lol.

This has always been my philosophy. If it will affect my life and is something i might be concerned with, then go straight to the source.

But today we had a speaker at our church who is on the scientific and historical apologetics field. His name is Lee Strobel. The short summary of his story is that he is an expert in journalism and law, and i think he said he was the executive legal editor for the newspaper. He was an atheist and his wife was agnostic. His wife became a Christian through her best friend and he set out on a journey to investigate and find as much evidence he could on the possibilities of God…

His studies basically came down to this very simple theory. “If Jesus was in fact crucified on a cross, and then rose again to life on the third day just like He had said He would… Then He must be who He claimed to be.”

His whole study was on this simple question… Was Jesus crucified on a cross and raised to life on the third day?

Again… I hate these kind of topics because i feel like you go around a mountain of things that don’t directly have meaning to a life, instead of going directly to the source…. I honestly believe that the whole concept of “proof of the past” is a ridiculous thing…

I DO NOT think that it is ridiculous to commit yourself to finding out whether or not Jesus was who He said He was, and the question of whether or not God exists… the answering of this question could have massive implications on a life in every way. Why you were made, how to live, what your worth is, your children, spouse, and loved ones yet to be born.. you owe it to all of them to give yourself the chance to explore this question to the fullest until you are absolutely and undoubtably confident of what happens when you die, and the purpose of the very life you have been given.

I think it is best to go to the source… If God really does exist, and is just a prayer away.. just a thought away… and the results of this could change your life forever… Then i believe it is that simple. easier than picking up a telephone… You just think and God can hear. if you really want to know the answer to this question and you are like me… Then He is a thought away. Just have a conversation in your head with God. If He doesn’t exist then no one will know. you will not look like a fool, and nothing will happen… But if you honestly want to know the answer to that question… Just as Him. He will most likely not answer you immediately. But you will begin to see the answers unfold in front of your face in God’s perfect timing…

If you ARE NOT like me… and you want the evidence, on the same terms as we investigate historical figures like Alexander, Ceasar, Napolean, and even our past presidents… I highly suggest you do a little research on the heart of this issue. The heart of it is not the science behind HOW the universe was made… The universe was made. Period. We exist in a world that came to be one way or another. IT DOESNT MATTER HOW IT WAS CREATED!… Now don’t get me wrong, i personally believe God created the Earth, but i’m saying i don’t care how lol… Because it doesn’t effect me either way. I don’t care how it was created. I just know it exists… But if Jesus was who He said He was… If He is truly God’s son.. That will change everything. It will change why you wake up every morning. It will change the purpose in which you were born into a life you didn’t ask for. It will change the meaning of everything your life is about…

Lee Strobel went on a 2 year investigation, being a master of journalism and law (as an atheist to prove Jesus was a fluke) and came up with some amazing things… All of which were conducted by non religious groups and studies… None of these facts are tainted by “Christian only” opinions… He even concludes his talk with such a fact- After all of this evidence on both sides of the fence… Which is more believable? Which makes more common sense? Which of these two options best suits the answer to this question? On the EXACT same basis on which we go about saying “How do we know George Washington existed?” Which seems like a stupid question…

If you walked into any major historian institute and said Jesus didn’t live, or wasn’t crucified on a cross, you would be laughed out… The question to you skeptics isn’t if Jesus lived and died… The question is- “Was Jesus raised from the dead 3 days after his crucifixion?”

An amazing topic… Lee’s conclusion to this 2 year study that he had embarked on lead him to this…

#1… He could believe that Jesus was a man who claimed to be God who lived and died on a cross, and his followers stole him from a tomb on the third day, and then created legends of his resurrection that were so convincing that they convinced the whole world of this feat. The 500 witnesses of Jesus’ life after death were either liars, crazy, or hallucinating. The most convincing lie of all history, and the most perfectly engineered storybook of all history…


#2… Jesus was who He said He was… He is the Son of God. He came to rescue the world and show his love by being the bridge between man and God.. He was raised on the third day after His death, and confirmed what He had told the world. The 500 witnesses of Jesus’s life after death went on a life long journey to tell the world what they had saw, and The Bible is actually true…

Ive got to say… I hate these debates… But this one captured me… And the absolute most convincing of all the evidences… were that of the leading atheist scholars who make a career and life of arguing God’s nonexistence…

After Lee Strobel’s 2 year journey… he sat down in his office and wrote down the pages and pages of evidence for and against Jesus’ resurrection… He had realized with overwhelming numbers that with the sheer amount of information in favor of Jesus’ resurrection had brought him to this concusion…

"It would’ve required more faith for him to remain an atheist…."

I dare you to explore this topic, and i will post Lee’s video at my church when possible. Lee has written a book about this journey and lists exact sources for all the skeptics… the book is called “A Case for Christ”

Whether you go the direct route and seek God directly, or you go the indirect route and try to find all the evidence alive in this world… This is a question you deserve to find the answer to. I dare you to start this journey to answer the question “Was Jesus raised from the dead of the third day, confirming He was who He said He was”

Today is going to be an amazing day at the Art of War show :)

Everyone is going to be in for an amazing treat today. I can’t exactly tell you what it is… But I can say that you don’t wanna miss it, and it is probably gonna be the coolest thing I’ve ever been able to do with this career that The Lord has given me.

You don’t wanna miss it tonight at the Chicken Ranch Casino :)

Praise God for those who are deemed worthy to suffer for Christ! Not people who have received criticism and hurt for preaching pride and legalism to the world, but those who truly suffer for the Kingdom of God. The Christians getting slaughtered in Syria for their name given by Christ, our Lord… It says the apostles were beaten and flogged by the Pharisees for their continued preaching in the temples in the name of “JESUS!” Have you ever noticed that you can use any name in the school system except that name?.. You can say “Our Lord, our Father, God, our Savior, and even names like Budda, Allah, Mohamed, Shiva, or Satan”… But not the name of JESUS! There is something about that name that holds Power! There is something about that name that evil HATES and can’t stand to hear. All the more reason to preach it! JESUS has saved my life! Jesus, who was raised from the grave by the Holy Spirit lives in body and in me! He is alive! He lives!

Nothing can foil His plans. Everything that The Word has revealed of the Earth has happened, and everything that The Word has predicted WILL happen.

We serve a mighty and amazing loving God! A God that can not be defeated. Even Jesus was killed. But death can not stop Our Lord. Nothing can stop His will. In the middle of that moment when Jesus was being crucified, can you imagine the confusion of the believers of that day?

"Why would God allow this?"

"What has Jesus done to deserve this?"

"How could such a man be permitted to such a death?"

He did not deserve to suffer or to die, but it was not for nothing! It was for the salvation of you and me… And for your children and mine. As Children of God we are NOT held from suffering… But it is for sure… That every pain we endure for the sake of the Kingdom is rewarded beyond full. God does not waste a hurt!

For someone who does not believe in God, they see the consequences of living without Him… - meaningless suffering.

You suffer or no reason or purpose. Your suffering is in vein. But Jesus can take any pain, no matter what or when and make it into a story of incredible redemption… And healing and prosperity can be brought from even death… Even the death of someone who didn’t deserve to die… Maybe you know someone who didn’t deserve to suffer… But their suffering wasn’t for them. Maybe it was for you… Maybe they bore that cross for you, and walked the road of Jesus for you… So that one day your eyes will open…

God never wastes a hurt! And only in the name of Jesus can life threatening wounds be turned into beautiful scars.

Blessed are those who have the honor and of suffering for the sake of the Kingdom… For the Kingdom is to praise Jesus and to save YOU from inevitably happens to all who live without a purpose or savior- death without purpose or a savior.

If someone has the privilege of suffering for the Kingdom.. They have in essence suffered for you. They walked that path. They picked up their cross and suffered for the gain of you… They have followed JESUS in the most meaningful way possible… They hear the words “well done good and faithful servant.” When their eyes close for the last time and leave this sickening world…

Blessed are those who are ordained to “pick up their cross and FOLLOW JESUS.”

A long time ago a young girl was engaged to be married, and got pregnant (not by her own fiancé)… The man was furious and chose to love the child as his own and love the woman and still marry her… That man’s name was Joseph… The girl’s name was Mary. The baby’s name was Jesus… Can you imagine if abortion was legal 2000 years ago? How true must it be that every child’s life is ordained and chosen despite the method of conception?

Dad who doesn’t want his baby? - Deadbeat dad.

Mom who doesn’t want her baby?- Pro-choice…

Something is wrong with this picture.

Sad to say… But its time to sell my baby. My Festool C12 has been the most loved and used tool of my shop for years now… Of course, I would only replace it with… You guessed it… Another Festool drill haha. Anyone looking to buy a Festool C12 for 60% of retail? ;)

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